Authentic and Tex Mex

“Ahhhh, the sizzle of delicious Don Carlos Fajitas and great Mexican Food” – Steven Carr/

Don Carlos provides the finest Authentic Mexican fare as well as the best Tex-Mex in Texas.  Our tortilla chips and salsa are legendary, as is our Chili Con Queso, considered the best in Houston!   “Savor our Beef & Chicken fajitas made to perfection” and Tex-Mex-Enchiladas.

Come try our many different Margarita’s and mixed drinks to temper the spicy.

With three locations in the greater Houston area and one in Waco, Don Carlos Mexican Restaurants is famous for Fajitas, wonderful drinks and friendly atmosphere.

Now, if you are new to Tex-Mex and Authentic , a quick list of terms:

Salsa – A fresh mix of tomato, onion, chili’s and peppers to be eaten with “chips” which are baked corn tortillas.

Guacamole – Ripe Avacado with seasoning and more. Delicious

Chili con queso – Melted cheese and chili’s for chip dipping

Pico da gallo – Chunky onion, tomato and Jalapeno

Come and enjoy the food and friendly staff and Don Carlos.  They will assist you in your selection of Mexican heaven.